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Still alive, some trouble staying logged in on LJ. Waves

Stumbling along. Trying to work more hours, thus pay check will cover bills. Can't sort out new tenant til reno complete and building inspection done.

My craft room/office is mostly done, shelves are up, walls painted and laminate floor down. A fabric store is closing in nearby big town, major discounts, so I've bought fabric to make window coverings. Most necessary as the window face south and east.

The other part of the renovations will be completed as my funds allow. To pass inspection, the drywall must be completed and primed. The outside walls need siding. As the weather is good now, we will be getting the siding done, it has to be painted first due to being on the second floor, (first floor in UK) scaffolding will be involved. On the wet days, dear brother will finish the remaining drywall.

I've been doing some sewing, it's nice to have room to leave in progress items on the table til can get back to them. My fabric, notions etc are all accessible without having to hunt thru umpteen boxes.

Must get my work paperwork sorted in the morning. I tidied all my nursing supplies, cleared the car this evening. Still need to tidy the kitchen and put the dishwasher on before bed.

Listening to Three Men in a Boat, to Say Nothing of the Dog. Most amusing. Found it after reading references to it by Connie Willis' in his book, To Say Nothing of the Dog, which I loved.

Happy Birthday to Bronze Ribbons, Mesulin, and Dreamy Dragon.

In a Handbag!!

I'm going to see a friend in The Toronto Operetta production of The Importance of Being Earnest. I first met Roz umpteen years ago when I was her midwife. Then we became good friends. As it is with good friends, we haven't seen each other for ages, but today she reached out to me to offer me comp tickets for Friday night.

Even if it was another production than my all time favourite Wilde play, I wouldn't have hesitated. I love live theatre/opera/ballet. But due to my location, it's not something that easy to access.

Nothing new

Tried to live like other folks yesterday. Spent all night and today in horrible pain. Managed to do some laundry and housework this pm.

Spring is coming, snow and ice are gone.


Happy Birthday
Have a great day imhilien


Been trying to keep my paycheck enought to cover bills. Hard when I see someone, then have to send them to the hospital. Just had one of my regular guys come back after 10 days in the big building, sent two to hospital this week.

It's getting warmer here. Lots to do, dear brother is slowly recovering from his double hernia surgery. I'm still not in any fit state to do bending and lifting.

Waiting for results from heart monitor test. Hoping to get referrals to new range of specialists soon.
Had a few hours of feeling good yesterday. Did some sewing stuff. Paid for it starting at 3am, pain finally under control by 6 this pm. Struggled through work. Came home, crashed. Then had to go out again as visit that had been cancelled was suddenly on again.

LJ has not let me comment, or stay signed in. Support request response ridiculous statement of the obvious. Waste of time sending it. I just cleared all the LJ cookies and started over. Hope that helps.

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Good bit at the end
Work Blackberry is dead, Again! To get a replacement battery I have to drive 100 km round trip. Dear supervisor, that useless, badly designed and ineffective computer charting won't be done til you can give me some reliable technology. Powers that be - you might want to check out a little company called Apple. They make technology that is reliable, functional and in the end cost- effective. Never mind it doesn't make your staff want to hurl phones into the river.
New kettle is a pain. It's going back. Easier and faster to boil water in a saucepan. Not impressed. Why would anyone need a kettle that had any other setting than boil? I need a kettle so I don't boil pan dry, kettles shut off when I forget them, which is not uncommon.
Brain is still foggy and hurts every damn day. More when I do anything other than remain horizontal.
Latest round of medical tests done. Blood work is normal. Heart monitor leads left the skin under them red and irritated. Ditto staff dealing with said monitor. How can I push event button and record dizzy, faint feeling while providing nursing care? Sorry sir/lady, I have to stop doing x, y, z to you while I sit on floor, chair, bed. Take off gloves, partially undress, find button, push said button, then find and write in diary what the f just happened.
Eye doctor was supposed to do a certain test. Didn't. Did one he said was better. Don't know how that will work with specialists office. After a few moments of him pushing against my eye with his fingers, never mind if he didn't wash his hands, I got a little peeved and requested an explanation of his actions. Seems the glands that emit oil to lubricate eyeballs was clogged and he was de clogging. Yes, it's as icky and as uncomfortable as it sounds.

Pt's are dropping like flies. Hard on the pay check, need to prod office into refilling my caseload. At the mercy of budget mavens. Soon there will be too many pt's to care for? Feast Or famine.

Wildlife spotted on the ice, yes ice, spring is slow to come. Cute little otter with breakfast gripped in it's jaws as it scampered out of the river to it's den.

Happy Easter
Ice is melting, lots of mud.

Not much to share, no change, hopeful that lab tests will give a route to getting better.

I'm going to be severly deprived from my most important comfort measure over the next two days. To check out my health issues, I'm connected to a portable heart monitor for 48 hours. I'm so addicted to my deep hot bath, sometimes I have two in a day.
I was told that using the microwave was a bad thing. When I suggested that with my current health issues, I need to use it daily. Tech told me to eat out! As there is nowhere nearby to eat out in my neighborhood, I just set the microwave, pushed the button and dashed out of the kitchen til it peeped.

Dear brother is home after an uneventful bilateral hernia repair. Now the difficult thing, stop him from heavy lifting til the wounds heal. He had it done laproscopically, so the incisions are small. Huge relief that he had this done. He saw the GP in Feb, Surgeon in March and surgery today. Not bad for socialised medicine. All he had to pay for was parking.

le sigh
I had to deal with JS tenants today. They applied to the Landlord Tenant board to get cash from me. Go figure.
I spent a few hours reviewing their complaints and compiling evidence, pictures, emails etc to counter each and everyone of the lies.
For example, they complained I didn't provide locks for the door to their unit. As the previous tenant left with his key and I wasn't able to find the spare, I said I'd get a new set installed the next day. JS tenant guy said, don't worry, you'd be better off with a digital lock. I can get you one cheaper than retail. Fine I said. Sure enough, he brings me two of them the next week. I kept the one for the main door upstairs, he took the other and promised to install it. Weeks passed and he didn't install it. In the meantime, he wrote out a bill for the locks and included it with his December rent payment.
When he left, he took the lock.
So at the tribunal today when the subject came up, I was able to point out the rather gaping hole in in his complaint.
There is an option for mediation which is recommended, I took it in order to hasten the process and see how JS guy was going to play this out. The mediator let them rant for a bit, then I responded to a few of the points. He was asking $1,500. I said I'd let him off the outstanding hydro bill if he returned the lock and the satellite reciever he stole from me. Told him the $1,500 wasn't happening.
This ended the mediation.
So I returned to the hearing room. Shortly afterwards our case was called forward. I stepped up to the table and pulled out my folder. Chairman told me I wouldn't be needing it. This was then explained as the duty counsel - tenants get free legal help, explained that they were not prepared. JS guy said he thought the police would be there, also his truck broke down and he had to borrow a car, oh and the dog ate his homework. I guess the mediation session was a bit of an eye opener for them.
As all of this was initiated by him, I have no sympathy. I didn't bother as I would have to pay funds to open a case, tenants get it for free, then I'd have to follow up in Small Claims Court, more fees, more wasted time and effort. Which would probably end up with less than nothing in return.
I think this guy thought he'd come and tell a bunch of lies and end up with me forking out money. I understand if there was a ruling that one or other of us had to pay, we'd still have to go to Small Claims Court to get a penny.

I've learned my lesson. Don't choose a tenant when you are under stress. In the meantime, I'm letting the landlord part of my life go on hold while I try to figure out what's wrong with me and chivvy dear brother along on the renos. He's having double hernia surgery this week. So it will be light work for a few weeks, but I'm so glad I prodded him into going forward with it.

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